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Updating a States Crash Reporting Form. It's Easier Than Herding Cats...Honest!

Abstract:  Revising a state’s crash reporting form is a necessary task that needs to occur on a regular basis in order to keep up with changing technologies, laws, and crash records stakeholder’s needs. Often times it is pushed off for ten or more years because few volunteers are stepping up and even fewer know where to begin with the process. Colorado recently prioritized the need for revising their crash form to keep address emerging needs around autonomous vehicles and marijuana legalization, the increase in the number of non-motorists in crashes, as well as to improve MMUCC compliance. The TRCC brought on Ryan Klitzsch with Cambridge Systematics and Joe McCarthy with JDI Consulting to help shepherd through the crash reporting form update. For this presentation we propose to talk about the process we used to update the crash reporting form as well as the associated Investigating Officer’s Manual and Data Model. Among other things, we’ll discuss the process steps implemented, stakeholder involvement, lessons learned, challenges, successes, and benefits anticipated from the new form.

Ryan Klitzsch -  is an Associate of Cambridge Systematics with over 13 years of experience in transportation safety planning, including eight years of experience as Director of Traffic Safety responsible for oversight of the Indiana Highway Safety Office. In this role he Chaired the Traffic Records Coordinating Committee as well as drafted and oversaw implementation of the state’s first traffic records strategic plan. The strategic plan and associated innovative traffic records projects led to Indiana becoming a national model and award winner for data timeliness, accuracy, completeness, integration, accessibility, and uniformity. Currently he is working with a number of states developing and implementing strategic planning for their Traffic Records Coordinating Committees (TRCC), Highway Safety Plans, Annual Reports and Strategic Highway Safety Plans to address traffic crashes, including those by impaired drivers.



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