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The Future of Deployment and Regulation of Autonomous Vehicles

Abstract: Autonomous vehicles of various types are starting to appear in numerous locations. But the roadmap for deployment and regulation of these vehicles is not widely understood, and little is known about public perception of these vehicles and the degree to which they will seamlessly change the culture of driving. State and federal agencies have achieved varying degrees of preparation for the future, but a global picture of deployment and regulation status, as well as future challenges, is currently hard to come by. Yet technology marches on, and the initial deployment of autonomous vehicles has included crashes and unfortunately even deaths.

This panel will provide a general update as to where we are in 2018, and an opportunity for state and federal safety data professionals to interact and discuss some of the future challenges.

Topics to be discussed include:

• A brief overview of the current state of the technology and the current state of regulation;

• The impact of autonomous vehicles on crash reporting and liability issues;

• The impact of autonomous vehicles on areas of other traffic records areas, including enforcement, licensing and registration data;

• Managing the traffic safety enforcement and regulation environment in the context of simultaneous autonomous and non-autonomous vehicles, and in the context of widely varying public perception that could impact driving and pedestrian behavior;

 • Other topics to be determined by the audience.

Moderator - Dr. Allen Parrish



Session Material
, Myers .pdf (622kb)

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