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Enhanced Crash Data Dashboard Design

Abstract: Interactive visualization tools have made it possible for developers to efficiently design dashboards which allow data consumers and analysts to gain a greater variety of insights about their data. Recently introduced design features such as “visualization in tooltip” now allow developers to create mouseover or single-click interactions which replace workflows previously requiring user manipulation of one or more data filters. When correctly applied, these features simplify the user experience and make it possible for users to gain additional insights about their data faster than ever before. This presentation will give an overview of the process used in updating Louisiana’s SHSP Crash Data Dashboard, including a demonstration of how to effectively use Tableau’s “viz in tooltip” feature. Note: although Tableau will be utilized for the presentation, many of the concepts discussed can be implemented using other software as well.

David Whitchurch - is a data analytics professional whose goal is to provide clear and focused descriptive and predictive analysis to the stakeholders served by Louisiana State University’s Highway Safety Research Group. His current role at HSRG includes developing, updating, and maintaining data analytics applications and reporting services solutions. He specializes in data visualization, supervised machine learning methods, and generalized linear models.



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