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Elements of Effective Crash Data Visualization Design


Abstract:  From Bar Charts to Non-Ribbon Chord Diagrams, the choices available to a developer in designing a single visualization are limitless. In addition to the basic format of a visualization, other aspects including element placement, color, and size can greatly affect audience comprehension and perception. Furthermore, the wide variety of display resolutions and aspect ratios among devices bring an additional level of complexity to visualizations intended to be displayed electronically.

Using common crash data elements, the presenters will discuss basic visualization choices such as chart type selection, pre-attentive cognitive attributes, and effective storytelling methods for visually displayed data sets. The presenters will also show an example of optimizing a visualization for viewing on multiple screen types, including desktop computers, tablets, and smart phones.

Bethany Campbell
GIS Specialist
Highway Safety Research Group
Louisiana State University

David Whitchurch
Business Analytics Manager
Highway Safety Research Group
Louisiana State University



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