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Study about Work Zone Activity Recordkeeping

Abstract: Comprehensive information about current and historical work zone activities is the cornerstone of work zone management and strategy evaluation. Although many agencies have information systems that support work zone activities and/or traveler information, it is unclear how easily these systems support comprehensive and timely work zone performance measurement and analysis. It is also unclear whether the data in these systems is structured in a manner that can readily be integrated with other agency reporting systems and datasets. It is usually challenging to collect work zone activity data because the status and location of these attributes can change rapidly.

 As part of the 2016 Work Zone and Guardrail Safety Training Grants, this study aims to gain a better understanding of the current state-of-practice for work zone data recordkeeping throughout the U.S., and to establish nationwide guidance for practice and application methods. Based on the state-of-practice synthesis among state transportation agencies, the project team proposed draft recommendations for work zone activity data collection and management by the context of a set of use cases describing methods agencies could use to combine broad work zone activity datasets to assist their efforts towards managing work zone safety and mobility.

Yang Cheng - is an Assistant Researcher at the Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety (TOPS) Laboratory of University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW). His research interest includes large-scale transportation data management and analytics, connected and autonomous vehicles, smart work zones, and traffic operations.



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