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Maintaining the all public roads network: Alabama's use of a crash event for network maintenance

Abstract: States are expending a large quantity of resources on accurately collecting a network of all public roads. The all public road network includes state-owned, locally-owned, tribal and other ownership classifications and jurisdictions. Therefore the collection process involves many entities, many jurisdictions, and can exhibit large variances in completeness and accuracy. Further, the resulting route network forms the basis for locating various assets and events for all of the organizations and jurisdictions named above. Unfortunately the collection process is only the beginning. Maintaining and updating the network and associated data will continue far into the future with future costs far larger than the initial collection and integration effort. This presentation will present a crash as a roadway event and how the state of Alabama uses a crash event to instigate an update to the all-public roads network.

The presentation will highlight the "round-trip" process of the crash event, the route update, and then using the updated network to locate new crashes. Further, the process used to update the network based on the crash event is available to local jurisdiction allowing them to update their local routes .

Dr. Randy Smith - is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at The University of Alabama. Dr. Smith works closely the The Center for Advanced Public Safety pursuing research in Traffic Safety, Crash Analysis, and Geographical Information Systems.



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