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Abstract: This session will consist of two subsections. The first presentation will present lessons learned in the development of State Safety Data Business Plans. Collecting and maintaining safety data for analysis requires a data management and governance process that assures quality data at the enterprise level. Most State DOTs are using GIS to manage their state data systems on all public roads, including Linear Referencing. This session will identify data challenges and potential solutions including the development of a GIS Enterprise system and an introduction to ARNOLD. The second presentation will cover the state of current practice in Massachusetts and the development of a replacement crash geocoding and data analytics system which will be completed and in production by the end of 2018.

This presentation will provide the attendees with an overview of the history that lead up to the project, the challenges that were faced, the goals the project had, and the design for the system that is being built and how it will improve on the accuracy, quality, timeliness and accessibility of the data that is created and used for analysis in the system.

The project includes: Replacing and enhancing the existing crash geocoder/validator system, leveraging Esri's Roads and Highways platform Developing web services to validate and geo-locate crash data in real time Developing a new Crash Database that will: Synchronize with the crash data stored in the Registry of Motor Vehicle (RMV) crash database interface with the new geocoder/validator system to maintain geo-location and other data attributes  be used as the source for crash reporting, dashboards and in-depth crash data analysis support a new, public-facing crash data portal.


Stuart Thompson - is a Transportation Specialist at Federal Highway Administration who works with State and local agencies to increase their capability to manage, collect, and analyze their safety data. Stuart believes a good state safety data system is a critical component in the effort to eliminate roadway fatalities. Stuart has developed informational guides to target safety data management, governance, and data integration.  Stuart is a professional engineer licensed in the state of New Hampshire. He holds master’s degrees in civil engineering and business administration from Utah State University.    

Joe Hausman  

 Bob Scopatz - has over 35 years of traffic safety experience and holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology. His research interests include road-user behavior, vulnerable populations, and data quality. He has worked in over 3/4th of States, plus the District of Columbia and several US territories. Current clients include NHTSA, FHWA, FMCSA, several States, and two metropolitan planning organizations. He lives in the twin cities area of Minnesota with his wife plus two boys who are very rapidly approaching driving age. He urges us to get to zero deaths before that happens.    

Tim Harmon  

 Bonnie Polin  

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