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Locating Crashes with SQL and DotSpatial


Abstract: The LSU Highway Safety Research Group locates all Louisiana crashes for Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) using in house developed software. Some of the crash locations can be located automatically based on latitude, longitude, and street information. The rest are located manually by Specially Trained Undergraduate Data ENtry Technicians. Our old map spotting system used Silverlight and ArcGIS Server. With DOTD migrating their legacy linear reference system roadway data to ESRI Roads and Highways we had an opportunity to update our map spotting programs. The new system consumes the DOTD basemap, applies road name standardization, creates intersection points, exports roads and intersections into SQL, and creates a crash location component. This component is part of a new map spotting program and will be used as a map in LaCrash, the crash reporting program written by the Highway Safety Research Group and used by a majority of the law enforcement officers in Louisiana.

Jeff Dickey - received his Ph.D in Geography from Florida State University. He is engaged in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) research, GIS support for the LACRASH system, and spatial analysis of crash data. Dr. Dickey’s recent projects include spatial analysis of seat belt use in crashes, a GIS model of projected consequences from storm surge inundation, and spatial analysis of alcohol involved crashes.



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