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Abstract: The state of Hawaii was able to secure funds to update is system of collecting and analyzing crash data. Since November of 2017 Hawaii has teamed up with a consultant to perform a two-year project to transform a predominately manual legacy environment into a fully automated modern system. Hawaii has been manually entering crash data for more than thirty years. In addition, the systems supporting analysis of crash data have not be fully updated for a similar time frame. In addition to technology, the evolution of crash records presents challenges due to the decentralized arrangement of public safety within the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii has the distinction of not having a state highway patrol, and that each county operates in a decentralized fashion in a primarily autonomous fashion.
Minimal structure is in place for management of data, the records management must jump thirty years forward in a number of critical infrastructure pieces. No common road naming records exist. GIS within the DOT has not been used a major component to safety. Traditional Hawaiian names can add additional challenges

In contrast to the challenges, Hawaii also provides some special opportunities. The relatively smaller overall population of the Islands make it easier to easier to deal the amount of data being migrated. The diversity of the population centers (both dense city, and rural locations) and roadways, make it potentially a great model environment for safety solutions.
This presentation will provide an overview of the project, a status describing where we are, and discuss the challenges and incites we have regarding the project. The presentation will provide perspectives from both the State and the consulting vendor. As this portion of the SHACA project has focused primarily with the set up of a central repository, and e-transfer of crash data. The presentation will focus on these areas. In addition to project incites, the presentation will offer recommendations on how to handle similar transformation and modernization.

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