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Best Practices

2018 Winner - Using Spatial Analysis of Crash Data to Target Road Safety Enforcement, abley

Traffic records is the vital tool needed for reducing motor vehicle crashes. Experts in both public and private safety arenas, stress the importance of making the best data available for safety programs to be the most effective. Projects to improve data capture, manipulation and evaluation are experiencing great success throughout the country and the world. Best Practices seeks to bring as many of these projects to the forefront as possible so we may all benefit now and in the years to come.

Data Visualization Project Award

2018 Winner - Proactive Network Analysis to Improve Horizontal Curve Safety - abley

The use of Data Visualization has rapidly become a widely used tool for displaying large quantities of data in an easily and quickly comprehended format. The tabular data format has been the traditional method used, however, the move towards data visualization presents more visually compelling data to users, accelerates analysis, and allows the identification of trends to become more apparent. Using Data Visualization options to support transportation safety helps decision makers make better informed policy and investment decisions. While displaying numerous dimensions can be a useful method, these complex visualizations are valued on both their effectiveness to inform and their ability to provide a comprehendible message with the projected data.

Data visualization project submissions will be evaluated based upon their ability to:

• Inform – raise awareness of the general public as well as decision makers

• Educate – be available for use in Driver Education Programs and other transportation safety organizations

• Support Decision-Making – inform policy-making legislation and support various governmental agencies charged with problem identification and program evaluation activities  

Scott Falb Exceptional Service Award

2018 Winner - Rhonda Stricklin, University of Alabama (CAPS)

This award is presented to an individual who has made significant contributions to ATSIP and the traffic records and highway traffic safety community.



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